Trading Forex vs. Properti

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Trading Forex vs. PropertiSelain dapat mengembangan aset, nyatanya investasi juga menjadi salah satu yang bisa dilakukan untuk dapat melindungi aset Anda dari gerusan inflasi. Trading forex dan properti menjadi dua di antaranya banyak produk investasi yang bisa Anda pertimbangkan dan pilih. Jika tidak bisa memilih keduanya, lantas mana investasi yang terbaik? Cermati beberapa perbedaan kedua produk investasi tersebut di bawah.


Jika dilihat dari segi keuntungan, trading forex sedikit lebih unggul. Bagaimana tidak? Keuntungan yang ditawarkan trading forex sangat aktif. Bahkan, hanya dalam satu jam Anda bisa mendapatkan imbal balik yang cukup tinggi. Tidak hanya itu saja, trading forex juga menawarkan keuntungan 2 arah yakni dari harga naik dan turun.

Dalam investasi properti, keuntungan yang didapatkan bisa terbilang pasif. Sebab, keuntungannya baru bisa diperoleh ketika properti dijual atau disewakan. Namun, keuntungan yang didapatkan juga tidak kalah menjanjikan mengingat harga properti yang selalu meningkat dari waktu ke waktu.

Modal awal

Ketika Anda ingin melakukan trading forex, Anda hanya memerlukan modal kurang lebih sekitar 100 dollars. Dengan catatan, Anda memiliki real account dari broker Forex Indonesia online. Sebab, broker forex online menerapkan sistem leverage dan margin.

Namun, ketika Anda ingin berinvestasi properti Anda membutuhkan modal hingga puluhan hingga ratusan juta rupiah. Sekalipun bisa menggunakan modal bank atau meminjam uang di bank, Anda tentunya harus memiliki jaminan terlebih untuk pinjaman dalam nominal yang besar.


Namun, jika dilihat dari segi resiko pada dasarnya trading forex akan sangat beresiko daripada investasi properti. Sedikit saja Anda melakukan kesalahan dalam trading forex, imbasnya tentu adalah kerugian. Berbanding terbalik pada investasi properti yang cukup aman mengingat harganya yang terus meningkat.

Is Villa Good for Investment?

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lombok villa1Property investment is unquestionable one of the profitable investing methods. When people are about to choose what kinds of property they should select for investment, villa can be in the top position over hotels, residential houses, and others. Well, is villa really good for investment? Let’s discuss some key factors that can answer that question below.

Beginning cost

When it comes to investing in property, beginners are usually concerned by how much they have to spend. Can they afford it? The average cost to build a villa is as low as $600,000. As we know that villa is more than a residential house or lodge. It is luxury and has some recreational amenities, like swimming pool and garden. It also has safety box and spa service. You can use this property investment calculator to get an estimate.


We can say that villa is good for investment due to location matter. Ideally, villas are located near beaches or other recreational areas. Lombok villas are more popular in Senggigi, Tanjung Aan, or other places where beaches are situated. Villa in city center is very rare or nothing at all. That’s because villa is designed for vacation purposes.

Profit estimate

When we want to assess whether a property investment is good or not, we need to see and calculate from the profit estimate. How much will a villa investor gain in a year? The value of villa itself or capital gain surely depends on inflation. Meanwhile, if we talk about cash flow, a villa for rent costs $436 per month, so the annual turnover is around $5232.

Advices before Following a Diet Plan

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diet tipsWhy are some females stressed out? Lacking excellent body is actually a reason that is common. Ladies often try-hard to form their body to appear fantastic in public areas. To produce it happen, they should slim down and belly fat by following an eating plan. You can find innumerable alternatives of diet system today that are available, which means you should be cautious. Find the healthy diet plan that actually works. Some tips to be followed by, don’t forget below:

Look at the exercises

Eventually, it’s also possible to look at workouts you must conduct in a diet program’s kind. Normal activities to lose excess weight and burn calories are running, cycling, swimming, and abdominal workouts (like sit-up and crisis). Certainly, you stay glued to it and ought to recognize the guidelines, but don’t force oneself a lot of since it could be damaging for the health.

Figure out medical rewards and hazards

Every diet regime often has rewards and some health threats. Before you decide on one which you discover efficient and encouraging, think hard. As an example diet has wonderful rewards like burning belly-fat, gastrointestinal system that is enhancing, and cleans the human body. Nevertheless, medical challenges are muscle damage exhaustion, diarrhea, and also weight gain gain.

Become familiar with that which you are currently going to eat

Knowing your everyday diet in a diet program can also be essential. Some weight loss programs likely suggest one to get ingredients you don’t like or you aren’t permitted to consume (on account of illnesses). Discover what you’ll consume throughout the system intimately. For example, low- diet simply enables you to not get high -fat meals like cereals, oats, almonds, etc.

Unsur-unsur dalam Analisis Teknikal Forex

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Analisis Teknikal Forex4Banyak-banyak belajar adalah kunci utama kesuksesan sebelum terjun ke dunia forex, khususnya mengenai analisis forex: fundamental, teknikal, dan sentimental. Analisa teknikal itu sangat penting agar trader dapat memprediksi pergerakan harga mata uang dengan tepat dan akurat. Cara ini berbeda dengan analisa fundamental yang bergantung pada informasi atau berita ekonomi dunia atau di negara tertentu. Dalam analisa teknikal, asumsi menjadi lebih spesifik yakni fokus pada pasar forex.

Adapun tiga unsur utama yang dapat dijadikan pedoman dalam menganalisa teknikal pasar forex adalah:

Moving average

Moving average adalah indikator yang menunjukkan jumlah perubahan poin dari waktu ke waktu. Dengan elemen ini, trader perlu melihat ke mana arah pergerakan harga dalam jangka waktu tertentu. Pada umumnya, moving average digunakan dalam analisis jangka pendek, namun pada beberapa konteks, diaplikasikan pada analisa jangka panjang.

Support & resistance

Di dalam forex trading, support adalah titik atau batas terendah dari harga suatu pasangan mata uang sedangkan resistance adalah titik atau batas tertinggi dari harga suatu pasangan mata uang. Dengan bantuan support dan resistance, trader dapat memprediksi apakah selanjutnya harga akan naik atau turun.

Pola candlestick

Kita dapat pula menganalisa keadaan pasar dengan cara menganalisa pola candlestick. Kita semua tahu bahwa ada banyak candlestick yang dapat menjadi indikator agar kita bisa memprediksi secara akurat apakah pergerakan nilai pasangan mata uang akan naik atau turun. Sebelumnya, trader perlu tahu mana pola candlestick yang menguntungkan dan mana yang tidak.

Ingin tahu lebih lanjut tentang analisis teknikal di dalam forex trading? Anda bisa kunjungi website Foreximf yang menyediakan update terbaru tentang forex, khususnya tentang analisa teknikal.

Things to Observe in Menjangan Island

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Menjangan IslandBali has a lot of wonderful locations to possess fun at. A number of them are actually concealed. Quite simply, people understand it occur, like Menjangan Island. Maybe you have visited this location from Australia? It’s more straightforward to find a very good Bali family vacations if you like to invest vacation together with your household before you go the area. Subsequently, you can observe lots of issues in Menjangan Area that turn into a section of West Bali National Park, for example:

Activities that are going

Menjangan Island is a superb fishing place due to stabile climate and the great dunes. People make the most of it to put on activities that are diving. POSSI are simply top-two diving groups which have actually been there.

Spectacular beach

Curiosity about Menjangan Island’s primary point is certainly beach. This can be an excellent seaside where you are able to discover stunning scenery. Guests may enjoy sailing, swimming, and surfing. Additionally, the Menjangan Island is among the greatest diving places in Indonesia.


The above mentioned are simply three good items you are able to appreciate in Menjangan Island. Really, taking a look at nature’s wonder since this island is really a hidden jewel in Bali Area is simply enough.

That’s right. Wild deer will be seen by tourists within the area whilst fauna’s primary variety. More, Menjangan Island is just a house of poultry and some crazy bunny. You shouldn’t be questioning to determine these creatures when you’re in the region.

Active Forex Broker based on Bisnis Berjangka

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forex broker10Forex is like having a magic that is able to attract the attention of large companies, investors, office workers, and even ordinary people. I personally just started to learn and cultivate the forex world in 2013. Currently, I am focused to continue and continue to learn through the medium of books and the internet. In addition, I also create a demo account or accounts of trial and error before actually plunging into forex trader. I was also considering where the best forex brokers in Indonesia. Well, I found a list of the most active forex brokers as of May 2014, namely:

PT Inter Pan Pacific Futures

PT Inter Pan Pacific Futures or simply Inter Pan is a company that is part of Inter Pan Group with a total of 32927 transactions. Office in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Solo, and several other major cities in Indonesia. The company provides investment products including Forex, Index, Commodity, and Multilateral. Inter Pan platform available for Windows, Android, and Mac / iOS.

PT Monex Investindo Futures

Monex is a pretty reputable broker broker with 31 441 based on the number of transactions Business Futures website. This company has been around since 2000 with product offering forex, commodities, shares, CFD, and multilateral.

PT Valbury Asia Futures

Valbury is a trading company with a total of 31 441 transactions in May of this 2014.Perusahaan founded in 2002 is headquartered in Jakarta. Branch offices are also located in Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Denpasar, and Jogjakarta. In addition to offering investment products and trading, Valbury also provide educational programs such as seminars and workshops.

Forex brokers who are in the other list are Asia Trade Point Futures, Futures BestProfit, Rifan Financindo Futures, and Futures KontakPerkasa.

Why Should Forex Traders Stay Updated?

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forex systemAre you a new forex trader? To earn constant profit from forex trading, you have several tasks to do in being a newbie. First, you have to keep learning more and more to gain knowledge and increase your trading skill. Second, forex traders find it important to stay updated to the latest forex news and information. Have you read today’s forex news or berita forex hari ini? Perhaps you watch TV programs, listen to radio programs, read books, ask tutors, or others.

Here are two main reasons why forex traders have to follow and stay updated to the latest forex news:

Market trend is changing

We realize that the change and movement of forex market trend is very fast. There are bullish and bearish. Bullish is upward movement while bearish is downward movement. The currency fluctuation is unpredictable. Some currencies fluctuate freely against each other.

Traders cannot confidently predict the market trend without knowing the most recent trend related to currency pair. Further, they also have to find out the value of resistance and support for further analysis.

Finding new strategies and tricks

The second reason why forex traders have to be up-to-dated is the fact that experts try to find and develop new strategies or tricks to successful earn profit. Without following the latest news and information, a forex trader will be left behind and not make significant profit from this business.

Perhaps, forex traders ought to subscribe to resourceful blogs, read finance magazines, or hire tutors to keep enriching their knowledge about trading forex.


Ways to Prevent Whitish

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whitish 3Prevention is better than cure, this proverb is right for the problem of whiteness. Given the particularly whitish color characterized by abnormal vaginal discharge thick, frothy, yellow, brown, and accompanied foul fishy odor and can cause serious problems.

Some of the problems that can be caused by keputihan pada wanita such as infertility, premature rupture of membranes, premature birth and infant health problems can even cause death. So, how to prevent vaginal discharge?

  1. Routine changing pads during menstruation. No matter how busy you are, it would be advisable to keep the cleanliness of your penis to prevent vaginal discharge, especially when you are menstruating. Keeping it clean is to regularly replace the pads.
  2. Ensure cleanliness of underwear. Feel free to substitute your dirty underwear or panties wet. If not, this condition will trigger the bacteria or fungi that cause vaginal discharge.
  3. Ensure cleanliness of the water and the environment. Basically, vaginal discharge can be caused by conditions that are not clean water and dirty environment. Therefore, make sure you always keep a water bath, toilet, water towers, buckets, and so forth.
  4. Advantage of traditional materials. Another step you can do is to utilize traditional materials. What are the traditional ingredients? One is the betel leaf. How does its use? Take some betel leaves, washed, then boiled with water. Once boiling, remove from heat, and let stand for a moment. After a little warm, betel leaf boiled water flush on your sex organs.

Not hard not to do early prevention of vaginal discharge?


Who Will Be Financial Planner’s Customers?

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financial planner7Economic manager is actually even a crowd that works help manage one’s fund and to make economic planning or a person. You will find more regarding the task with this site. You ought to atleast carry a bachelor’s stage in money or business management should you wish to be always a financial coordinator. Advanced schooling is more proposed for better job prospects. Then you can certainly interact your clients that are potential below:

Specific (individual)

Many singles want to get an aid from authorities simply because they are usually lavish and not able to handle their costs in regards to financing. The financial planner‘s purpose will help singles control their spending and develop a regular budget. Therefore, they may be less unorganized and become prepared for relationship.


While somebody currently includes a household, he or she considers how to mengatur keuangan rumah tangga to include family and property requirements. Besides major requirements like residence, and food, apparel, household financing can be about sport, children’s knowledge or activity, insurance, and so forth. A qualified and successful financial coordinator will discover a great deal of household that requires assistance that is her or his.


Economic planner’s client can be quite a non-profit organization or corporation, also. The grounds incorporate so on, wellness, regulation, and training. Organizations or companies have to have excellent economical administration to develop. Governmental firm employs financial advisors that are reliable to aid them observe price and their equally money and create economic planning.

A coordinator could make specific, household, or corporation become their customer, last but not least.

Top Can-Am Items

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Can-Am3Can-am is just a bike producer started in 1942 by T. A. Bombardier. The organization has become among Side or the leading UTV by Side producers alongside Polaris Kawasaki Cat, Yamaha Rhino.

Many people drop for Can Am items as it pertains to off road driving. Here are a few exceptional items by Can Am:


Mainly, you will find three-series of Can Am ATV (All Terrain Vehicles):

  • Can am Outlander. This ATV kind primarily attributes v twin motor choices, spar engineering that is surrounding, multipurpose shelves with sitting program and convertible stand . The sequence contain MAX DPS, Outlander MAX and MAX XT -G. The cost is beginning with $7,649.
  • Can am Rebel. Can am has Rebel and Rebel X Xc offered at $ 8 499, and $12. The Rebel sequence are prepared for competition efficiency with extra bundle functions like Metal beadlock wheels and Powerful Power Steering.
  • Can am DS. The DS sequence are light, stylish, and quick. The cost is which range from $7,799 to $9,699. It’s piggyback shocks and double pyramidal metal body whilst the important functions.


Can am offers UTV (Power Terrain Vehicles) or Alongside. Select among two varieties below:

  • Can Am Commander. Before you begin Can Am Commander installment, ensure that you realize that this Alongside kind will come in Commander DPS, Commander XT, and Commander XT -G. The cost is beginning 799, at $11.
  • Can am Maverick. Can am Maverick is ideal for two seater off-competition driving. Another three kinds are Maverick X xc DPS and Maverick X rs. Can am Maverick comes at $ 16.

Read more information about can-am.

Methods for Getting Consistent Profit in Currency Trading

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Get Profit2Previously, many people who meant to travel overseas only do forex trade. Nevertheless, like a professional business the forex trade really utilized by many people with time.

This is simply not another provided the benefits provided within the forex exchange is encouraging. Nevertheless, it generally does not imply those who got earnings that are constant in forex currency trading. Actually, there are several individuals who really experienced a reduction. You wish to generate earnings that are constant in forex currency trading? Cited from Broker forex Indonesia – ForexIMF, listed here is how.


An action that may be taken up to revenue regularly within the forex currency trading technique is crucial have. The technique below could be utilized within an analysis’ type. Provided the important thing to effective forex currency trading has the capacity to evaluate forex market developments.

Generally, you will find two studies to see forex market developments. First evaluation which employs the web, the agent, or information about the financial, governmental, or rates of interest in a nation.

Technical evaluation, next. Since you need to learn how to study a candlestick graph is one of these this evaluation is really a little challenging. May also create a type of opposition and assistance.

Economic management

Another action that may be completed to obtain earnings that are constant would be to do economic administration. Monetary administration may within terms of money legislation for each forex dealings. It take-profit and might also perform a stop-loss.

Frame of mind

It’s no more unimportant to have the ability to generate constant earnings in forex currency trading would be to maintain your brain. Ensure that your brain is free of even of greed, and the title of concern, wish, and indifference.

Sukses Menjalankan Bisnis

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success a“Untuk menjadi sukses, Anda harus memiliki hati Anda di dalam bisnis Anda, dan bisnis Anda di dalam hatimu.”-Sr. Thomas Watson

Anda harus melakukan yang terbaik ketika menjalankan bisnis Anda, sehingga kesuksesan dapat menjadi milik Anda. Tapi, apakah Anda tahu apa yang harus dilakukan untuk mendapatkan kesuksesan ketika menjalankan bisnis? Jika Anda belum tahu, ada baiknya untuk mengikuti tips berikut ini dan baca tentang cara menghindari kegagalan dalam berwirausaha ini:

Miliki fasilitas yang baik. Dalam menjalankan sebuah bisnis entah itu bisnis kecil, menengah atau besar, Anda diharuskan untuk menyediakan fasilitas yang baik dan memadai untuk mendukung semua kegiatan bisnis Anda. Untuk bagian dalam perusahaan Anda, sediakanlah komputer, printer, AC, TV, pantry, toilet dan lain sebagainya. Sementara itu, untuk mendukung kegiatan perusahaan yang dilakukan di luar ruangan, Anda harus menyediakan kendaraan yang memadai, helm, timbangan, mesin derek, dan penampungan limbah industri.

Jika saat ini Anda berencana untuk membangun sebuah tempat pembuangan industri yang baru, pastikan bahwa Anda membeli geomembrane terlebih dahulu. Mengapa? Lapisan ini berfungsi untuk menahan semua limbah agar tidak masuk atau meresap ke dalam tanah, sehingga resiko terjadinya polusi pada tanah dapat diminimalisir dengan baik.

Periksa kesehatan tenaga kerja Anda secara rutin. Untuk membuat para pekerja Anda merasa nyaman saat melakukan pekerjaan mereka, perhatikan selalu kesehatan mereka. Pastikan bahwa tubuh mereka dalam kondisi baik ketika bekerja, sehingga mereka dapat menyelesaikan pekerjaan tepat waktu. Untuk membantu Anda memeriksa kesehatan mereka, bekerjasamalah dengan dokter dan para ahli dan lakukan medikal checkup secara rutin, minimal satu bulan sekali.

Jika ada beberapa karyawan yang mengalami gangguan kesehatan, Anda harus mengistirahatkan mereka dan membawa mereka ke rumah sakit segera. Dengan bersimpati dan berempati kepada mereka, Anda akan membuat mereka setia terhadap perusahaan Anda.

Benefits of Playing Basketball

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Playing BasketballDo you love playing basketball? Basketball is a popular sport that gains attention of both girls and guys. They form a group at school, college, or special community to practice basketballs and join competitions. If you are also a basketball player, you must be happy and lucky because here are the benefits you get:

Health benefit

Since basketball is a kind of sports, it absolutely has plenty of health benefits. We all know that the most significant health benefit of playing basketball is height enhancement. This exercise requires you to jump and run often, you will your body height increased after regular training. Other health benefits of basketball are muscle building, calories burning, and cardiovascular disease prevention.

Mental and emotional benefit

Basketball players also obtain mental and emotional benefits from playing basketball. When playing in a team, they train themselves to build self-awareness, confidence, and control. They must also be able to control emotion, stay focused, and keep developing themselves to be better players for the team.

Social benefit

Another important benefit of playing basketball is related to social life. As a matter of fact, basketball players are required to build good teamwork to win in the competition. It’s not about how one player scores, but how a team makes a victory. Basketball players must interact and socialize well with fellow players and coach to create an effective and professional team.

To sum up, a basketball player will likely acquire health, mental & emotional, and social benefit from what he or she’s pursuing.

How to Attract Local Online Leads Effectively?

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Online Prospects2Though they really wish to concentrate on regional clients companies require an internet existence. Through an online existence, a company may acquire global and nearby recognition. Food companies or any companies that offer same day shipping providers usually wish to achieve leads that are nearby online. Steps to make it occur? Listed here are three actions to consider:

Work with a domain name extension that is particular. Domain-name is the business identification that is online. It presents the service or product and also your organization you’re providing. Hence, ensure that you choose the domain name that is right. Identify the expansion like, together with your region, It creates your on line existence become identifiable and more distinct. It’s focused. They’re currently sure you’re what they’re searching for after they discover you.

Employ SEO services that are local. You have to concentrate on perfecting your site on local-search engine to effectively achieve nearby target audience online. In the event that you reside in Jakarta, look for a web designer Jakarta that focuses on catering SEO Jakarta. SEO solutions that are nearby assist you to concentrate on achieving your company objectives in a particular region centered on specific keywords like Google, on local-search engine. They’ll discover you on top effect while leads are trying to find your service or product on local-search engine.

Submit items in language. In case your company isn’t found at British-speaking nation, you should attempt to achieve your visitors by items or writing posts in regional language. This really is very important to ensure that your site items are clear and understandable for regional leads.

Why Do Many People Like Shopping Online?

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tanya cThere are many people who like shopping online. Are you one of them? If you are not yet, but you want to start shopping online, do you know why many people like doing this activity? If you don’t, find the answer below, so you can enjoy shopping online:

Minimize expenses. By shopping online you don’t need to spend money for transportation cost and parking fee anymore. Furthermore, you will never be trapped in traffic jam, so you can cut down expenses and save time.

Save energy. Compared to shop offline which requires you to surround department store and wait for a few minutes to pay products when store is fulfilled by many buyers, online shopping is simpler. You only need to find online stores, choose needed products, and make the payment. There is no big energy that you have to spend, right?

PhillroCompare prices easily. How much time you spend if you want to compare a product from an offline store to others? Of course, this will make you tired fast. In contrast, if you shop online, you can compare prices easily, so you can get products with the right price.

Get special price. If you often shop at online store, store owner usually will give you special price, discount and free shipping service. Besides, many online stores offer friendly prices, so you don’t have to spend much money. For instance, if now, you are looking for affordable elcometer, visit Phillro. At this online company, you can buy elcometer 130, 224, 266, 319, 456, and 510.

Remember to remain careful of shopping online and avoid doing these mistakes, okay!